March 2022

Well, no-one saw that coming


Well, who saw that coming? What started out as a few months turned into two years of restrictions on events. We didn't get out on the road for two years, and the early events were restricted to table service with no more than six to a table and remote card payment only. However, last [...]

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February 2021

Pengelly’s Porthleven Gin


At Pengelly's Mobile Bar, we decided that we needed a good, local gin that ticked all our boxes. There are a lot of discerning gin drinkers who book our bars, and we've listened to their comments. It seems that so many gins these days are a bit like alcopops - really heavy on flavours [...]

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January 2017

Cucumber and Rosemary Gin and Tonic


We're always up for trying out new drinks at our Cornish mobile bar, and we're constantly on the lookout for new cocktail combinations.   When it comes to gin and tonics, we love the assertive taste of Curio. Adding a slice of cucumber is classic, but throw in a sprig of rosemary to take the [...]

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A little on the light side?


The dust on the New Year has settled, and we're looking forward to meeting you all in 2022 at various events across Cornwall. Some people are opting for a dry-January, which is a commendable policy to take. We like to detox as well as retox and so we recommend mixing Pengelly's Porthleven Gin with Fever [...]

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December 2016

The Cornish Elk on the wedding bar


Behind our Cornish wedding bar is a set of antlers from the last Cornish elk shoot of 1912. When giant elk used to roam freely on the West Penwith Moors, local landowners would organise an annual shoot in order to cull the numbers. However, poaching, pollution and loss of habitat have render the great Cornish [...]

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A special request…


Now, at Pengelly's Cornish Bar, we seek to supply any drink that our clients ask for - and we've been asked for some rather odd beverages over the years. Yet when someone asked us if we could supply Spingo for their Cornish mobile wedding bar - we were more than impressed and willing. For in [...]

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November 2016

Polgoon wines and ciders


We've always been a huge fan of Polgoon wines and ciders. The farm produces some of the best wines and ciders in the south west and owners Kim and John Coulson are such nice people to deal with. As well as a collection of red, white, rose, sparkling wines and ciders, Polgoon has an extensive [...]

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Cornish real ales for a Cornish wedding bar


We've been a fan of Cornish Crown ales since they arrived on the Cornish real ale scene some six years ago. We've witnessed Josh and team create a rather quaffable range of real ales that have now started to rewards - and awards. We supply Cornish Crown on bottle and on draft, and are pleased [...]

Cornish real ales for a Cornish wedding bar2021-02-19T10:47:58+00:00

We like Curio Gin


While out and about in Cornwall looking for the best spirits to put behind Pengelly's Cornish Bar, we met up with William and Rubina Tyler-Street. Pengelly's Cornish Bar proprietor Nigel Pengelly used to go to school with William so they had a lot to catch up on. As it turns out, William is the creator [...]

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A meeting with Scarlet Wines


I've known Jon Keast for a long time, even before he started the respected wine merchants Scarlet Wines. So it was only proper that I got a sommelier such as Jon to help with the wine lists for Pengelly's Cornish Bar. After a long consultation with Jon, we came up with a wine list that [...]

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